Saturday, February 3, 2018

Creative Christy

Christy finished her elven-style outfit! Now, she can move on to costumes for the upcoming spring play. My girls start their weekly acting practice next Friday. Then, I'll be on the road every day of the week, according to my calendar: Monday - piano, Tuesday - guitar, Wednesday - kids club/youth group/service project, Thurday - art class, Friday - theater/play practice!


The snow may be a nuisance, but it sure is soothing to the soul during a solitary evening walk. "Hast thou entered into the treasures of the snow?" ~Job 38:22a

First Blizzard of the Season

Well, the "blizzard" is starting to wind down. It was nice to cozy up in our home while the storm raged around us. Eric got home safely from work, and I think I'll call tomorrow a "snow day" so the kids can go out and play all day! :-D

Family Game Time

Our family fun activity for this weekend was playing "The Farming Game" with the kids! Eric won the game with a whopping $454,600.00 in cash, crops, land, animals and equipment! Everyone had fun, and some life lessons were learned. Good times!

Weather Station

We've been having fun playing around with one of our favorite Christmas gifts: our own personal weather station! Now, we can see exactly what the weather is doing out here, including wind speed & gusts, wind chill, precipitation amounts, humidity, lightning strikes, etc. I think it will be useful, since the weather out here seems a bit more extreme than what is reported in town.

Zoo Field Trip

Fun Day at the Minnesota Zoo!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dan's Birthday!

Happy 8th birthday to Dan! He has been the master of excited expressions since he was a baby! I love his enthusiasm for life!!