Tuesday, October 31, 2017

19 Years!

Off we go to celebrate 19 years of marriage! For our anniversary, we got snow tires on the van, did some shopping for the household, then spent some time at our favorite places in Downtown Northfield!

Science Museum of Minnesota

We explored the Science Museum of Minnesota on Thursday, and pretty much had the whole museum to ourselves! It was a lot more fun to play around with the kids without having to wait in line or worry about being in someone's way. Fun times!!

Apple Picking

Christy & Becca went apple picking with their Sunday school class! They picked a "bushel full" of great-tasting apples, and Becca is proving to be quite the photographer! :-D

Solar Heater

Eric installed a solar heater today on one of our outbuildings! Now our kitties will be warm & toasty throughout the winter, without increasing our energy bill...

Autumn Artistry

We recently took our annual journey "up north" to view God's autumn artistry! It was a refreshing time of visiting some of our favorite places. I'm thankful for time to slow down a bit, and reflect on the goodness of God!

Roof for the Coop

It was a beautiful day for re-roofing the chicken coop!

The Bees & The Butterflies

We've left some of our land to grow in a "natural" state with wildflowers, milkweed, goldenrod, etc. to attract and sustain bees & butterflies, but it seems they prefer my daisies over just about anything else!