Sunday, December 27, 2009

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Picture

Thank you for all the gifts this Christmas!
Everyone really likes everything that they got.
Just look that those contented faces.
Thank you all for being such a wonderful family!

Of course, Sam is looking at the best gift this Holiday season,
our little bundle of joy that was a gift from our Heavenly Father.


All the "Kids" posing on the couch after opening presents

Big Sis

One thing about Daniel is that he will be well taken care of
especially with 2 big sisters around to help out.
Here is one of his sisters now, holding him while
Mom and Dad have a bite to eat.

Christy holding Baby Daniel

Home Safe

Praise the Lord we were allowed to leave the Hospital 3 hrs early
so we could beat the snow storm. It was already coming down
pretty hard by the time we got started, but don't worry, Daniel
was safe and warm in his cute reindeer snow suit and
super snuggly car seat!

Baby Daniel safe at home

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Our New Arrival!

Welcome to
Daniel John Crafton
Born 21 Dec 2009 at 8:23pm
Weight: 8 lbs 12 oz
Length: 21 3/4 inches

Baby Daniel about 1 minute old

Daniel dressed up and ready to go see Mommy

Baby Daniel

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Today is Sam's birthday, and I can't believe that he is already two years old! Time sure flies when you're having fun! ;-)

We are having a low-key, at-home family party for him today, since he is just recovering from a cold. He opened his gifts this morning, and he is now busy playing with his new toys and books!

Sam really likes to organize objects, and here he is lining up all of the cars that came with his new "Big Rig Carry Case".

He also likes his caterpillar, and has already looked through all of his books!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Big Brother in Training

We have been trying to teach Sam how to be "soft, gentle, and nice", by letting him play with a baby doll that he picked out from the girls' room. He has been doing really well, and takes good care of his baby! We are confident that he will be sweet and loving to his little brother!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Becca's Birthday Bash!

Last night, we took Becca and the rest of the family to Chuck E. Cheese for a little birthday celebration! We all had a good time, and made it home right before the "blizzard" hit! Today, we are cozily stuck at home while the wind and snow swirl around outside. Thankfully, Eric has today off from work, so we are enjoying some "down time" with all of the kids as we continue to celebrate Becca's birthday. Plans for today include: French Toast for breakfast (check), open birthday gifts (check), lounge around in pajamas watching new movies that were just opened (check), not having to do school (check), making and decorating cupcakes for after lunch (pending), and doing whatever other activities the birthday girl might request (within reason). If only all days could be this much fun! ;-)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Kids

We bought some new Christmas outfits for the kids (thanks Grandpa & Grandma!), so we thought we'd post a picture. We just happened to find a dress for Christy that had a matching doll dress...aren't they cute together? Becca still isn't interested in an 18" doll; she prefers all the little baby dolls. I know the photo looks a little over-exposed, and that's because I had the camera on the wrong setting and didn't realize it until it was too late. I was excited to get a picture with all of them looking at the camera at the same time, even though I was hoping to include their shoes. Oh well, it's close enough to perfect for me!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Backpack Lawn Mowing

Eric is such a wonderful Dad! Sam was upset because he wanted to be outside while Eric cleaned up the yard. So, in order to keep Sam safe and happy, Eric strapped him onto his back for a ride while he worked. Sam had a great time, and a lot was accomplished that day! :-)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cutest Cowboy

I haven't posted many close-ups of Sam lately, so here is a snapshot of him wearing his cowboy hat. He sure is growing fast, and I think he is going to make an excellent big brother! :-)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christy's Dress Rehearsal

Here is the dress rehearsal for Christy's piano recital. Enjoy!

Christy playing "Sonatina"

Christy playing "The 12 Days of Christmas"

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daddy does the 'do...

...the hair-do, that is! ;-)

The girls have been asking to have their hair curled lately, but my ancient curling irons don't work so well anymore, and I haven't had the time or energy to really consider it. Then, we stumbled upon a sale for nice curling irons (50% off!), so we decided to buy one as an early Christmas gift for the girls.

I still had yet to remedy the time and energy problem, but my dear husband saved the day! He took it upon himself to curl the girls' hair, and he did a great job! I was so impressed, that I considered sending him to the Minnesota School of Beauty down the street to get his Stylist's license! ;-)

Here is Becca with her hair curled, and I will post Christy later.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fall Flowers

I know that I post flowers quite frequently on my blog, but these are so beautiful, and I just can't resist! Eric bought them for me the other day, to cheer me up after I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I have the best husband in the world! :-)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

11 Years Together!

Here is a time line of the fun we have had over the years
(click to expand view)

Monday, October 12, 2009

All I Want for Christmas... My Two Front Teeth! -Becca

Everybody pauses and stares at me;
these two teeth are gone as you can see.
I don't know just who to blame for this catastrophe!
But, my one wish on Christmas Eve is as plain as it can be!

All I want for Christmas
is my two front teeth,
my two front teeth,
see my two front teeth!

Gee, if I could only
have my two front teeth,
then I could wish you
"Merry Christmas."

It seems so long since I could say,
"Sister Susie sitting on a thistle!"
Gosh, oh gee, how happy I'd be,
if I could only whistle. (thhhh, thhhh)

All I want for Christmas
is my two front teeth,
my two front teeth,
see my two front teeth.

Gee, if I could only
have my two front teeth,
then I could wish you
"Merry Christmas!"

Second Snow!

It snowed about 2-3" this time, and the kids had fun making a snow fort in the back yard. They especially loved having Daddy to help them, since he had all of today off! We are looking forward to many more days of creative winter fun!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Snow

It snowed a little bit last night and this morning! Not only is this the first snow of the season, but it is also the first snow that Sam can really play in and enjoy! He probably doesn't remember the snow from earlier this year when he was only about 15 or 16 months old. The snow mostly collected on our deck, so I let the kids play in it for a little while. We haven't even put away our grill yet, so it is in some of the pictures. It seems like winter is already pouncing on us...are we ready?

Sam kept saying over and over again: "It's snow! It's snow!"

Here are the girls, all bundled up!

Christy attempted to make a "Snow Angel" in the 1/2" of snow on the deck! ;-)

Becca took her turn at making another Snow Angel!

Sam thought that it looked like his sisters were having fun, so he gave it a try!

As you can see, the grass is still green, and the snow looks out of place!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Visit from Grandma & Grandpa

Grandma Becky and Grandpa Terry came to visit us all the way from Oregon! We were very excited to see them, and catch up on everything. We had a fun few days with them as they stayed with us! We went to the Mall of America, but mostly we just stayed home and enjoyed each other's company.

Becky & Becky! ;-)

Our three kids enjoyed snuggling on the couch with Grandma!

Grandma taught Christy how to knit (and purl ;-). She caught on pretty quick!

Here are all the Minnesota cousins together (except for Sam...he was napping).

Becca asked Grandma to help her with needlepoint, so they worked on a butterfly design.

Grandma and Grandpa "spoiled" their grandchildren with lollipops...even Sam got one!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Big (and little) Blessings

I am thankful for such yummy treats to enjoy with our children, and I am also thankful that they actually like to eat healthy, wholesome foods! Here is a colorful picture of some of our favorite foods...(mostly) fresh from the garden!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Frog Fun

Becca was bringing this baby frog into the house so that I could see it, and it jumped right out of her hands and onto the screen door! We didn't know that frogs could grip and climb a screen so well! ;-)

I let the kids put the two frogs they caught into the sink (with a little bit of water) for a few minutes so that they could observe them. Then, back to the great outdoors they went!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Model Windmill and Castle

Eric and the girls had a burst of creativity with their castle cards, and this is what they came up with:

Friday, September 4, 2009

Wisconsin Dells!

With school starting soon, and a baby on the way, we thought that we had better take a good, fun family vacation while we could. We decided on going to the Wisconsin Dells, since it is a place where everyone can have their own version of fun! It is a town with many different water parks that have rides ranging from super-scary to toddler-friendly. We stayed at the Glacier Canyon Lodge in the "Wilderness", and mostly enjoyed the indoor parks. We stayed for a few days, and everyone had a great time!

We started each morning with devotions...even Sam joined in!

Here is Becca giving her "thumbs up" before jumping in!

Christy thought it would be fun to try and look like the frog ;-)

Sam liked the frog also!

Becca was brave and still cheerful after riding the "scary" rides!

Here is Christy at the beginning of day two:

Sam is intently watching another toddler in the "bouncy swings".

Becca is telling us where SHE wants to go next, but Christy doesn't agree ;-)

Sam doesn't agree either, and he thinks that HE knows the perfect spot!

Sam's favorite part was at the end of the day, when he would snuggle up and get warm with Daddy!