Monday, August 17, 2015

Our Country Home!

Our new adventure begins! We sold our house in town, and bought this wonderful home on some acreage just outside of Northfield! We're so excited! The kids are looking forward to getting some animals to take care of on our land, and I'm looking forward to planting a huge garden! This is a dream come true, and we're so thankful to God for making it a reality! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Majestic Hills Ranch

Christy spent the day volunteering at Majestic Hills Ranch. This isn't just any specializes in providing therapy for special needs children and veterans. She helped out around the ranch, worked hard, and made some animal friends. Here's a picture of her with "Stuart", an extremely friendly barn cat! — at Majestic Hills Ranch for Children & Military Veterans.

Six Kids for Grandpa

We love grandpa!

Crafty Christy

Christy's latest crafty creation ~

Hidden Treasure

Look what the kids found hidden in my trellis!

Belated Father's Day Post

God has blessed us with a wonderful husband and father who is always actively showing us his love. He gives of his time & energy to make sure we know how much he cares. I can't even find the words to say how much he means to me! Happy Father's Day, my love!

Belated Twins' Birthday Post

Happy 4th birthday to my dynamite duo, T'n'T! Tom is my super-sweet snuggler who gives the best hugs! Troy is my fun-loving, adventurous spirit who likes to find things out for himself. They are such a blessing to me! Also, I want to give a big "Thanks!" to all my family and friends for the neat birthday gifts & cards! They had a great little birthday party!