Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4-D Ultrasound

Here are some scans of the twins from my 4-D Ultrasound on Friday. They were 19 weeks at the time of this scan. 4-D Ultrasounds give a better full-body representation of the babies, but they aren't an "exact copy" of what the babies really look like. It is more of an impression, so they will look a little strange and lumpy, but I think they are still cute! The ultrasound showed that they are perfectly formed, with no physical problems, other than a minor size discrepancy and the abnormal fluid levels. I have another ultrasound today to check fluid levels since the procedure, and hopefully they are still within the normal range. The procedure I had to go through was not pleasant, and I do not wish to repeat it. I hope they learned their lesson and will start sharing equally! ;-)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I took pictures of both of my boys this morning, and noticed how their features are so similar, yet so different! I am trying to imagine what the twin boys will look like. Will they have darker hair and brown eyes like Daniel? Or, will they have lighter hair and blue (or green!) eyes like Samuel or the girls? I'm already ready to meet the twins and find out who they look like! ;-)