Sunday, November 17, 2013

Becca's Visit to the Orthodontist

Our sweet Becca just got back from the orthodontist. We found out that her little mouth is too crowded to fit all of her adult teeth, so she had to have two lesser adult teeth pulled. She will also get the first phase of braces for her birthday. Yay, what a present. It will be expensive, but our little princess is worth it!

The Young Marine

Here is an old photo of my dear husband, Eric Crafton! He has changed quite a bit since we were stationed together in Misawa, Japan. Here is what he looked like when we were dating:

First Snow of the Season

Here's a cute picture of all six kids playing in the first snow of the season!

Autumn Craft

We've never really been into Halloween, but we had a few fun days of celebrating a beautiful season! We made & enjoyed treats such as pumpkin pie, caramel corn, "Autumn Harvest" candy, etc. We watched "Monsters University", and all of my kids enjoyed this silly acorn craft:

15th Wedding Anniversary

Today, Eric Crafton and I are celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary! He bought me some of my favorite flowers, and I wrote him this poem:

We've gained some weight,
and some wisdom.
We've moved six times,
and had six children.

Some days are long.
Some nights are longer.
Yet, through it all,
our love grows stronger!

Although the future is uncertain,
this, for sure, I know:
My love for you will never fail,
and wherever you lead...I'll go.

Autumn Update

Today, Sam & Dan updated their "Learning Tree" to reflect the season...

Twins' School

Two-year-olds can "do school" too!

Twins Sharing

My twins sweetly shared the iPad with each other for 30 minutes today!

"Hands-on" Craft

Here's a "hands-on" craft that I did with all six of my kids to celebrate the first day of Autumn!


Dress-up fun for my girls!