Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Daniel's Birthday!

It's Dan's birthday, and he's having some friends over tonight. He really loves this outfit from a very special grandma! Happy Birthday to my cheerful, ambitious, and sweet-spirited little cowboy!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sam is Seven!

Sam is seven now! For his birthday, we spent the day playing on Adventure Peak at Edinborough Park! Boys are so easy...he just wanted to play all day at the park, and then watch a movie. We opened presents when we got home from the park. He loves all of his gifts! I'm so thankful for my easy-going, smart, and compassionate boy!

Becca's 12th Birthday Party

Here's a cute picture of Becca and all her friends at her 12th birthday party. She wanted a "Frozen" themed party, so we did the best we could to accommodate her request. There's nothing like a house full of giggly girls to bring a smile to your face! :-)

A Live Christmas Tree This Year!

Our kids helped set up and decorate the Christmas Tree, and then Tom & Troy volunteered to be in the picture! We opted for a live tree this year, and my house smells incredible! ;-) It always takes longer when we let everyone help, but we had a great time! We thank God for fun traditions, and memories made.