Thursday, July 3, 2014

North Shore Vacation

Here are some pictures of our trip up to Duluth with Eric's parents! We all had a great time, and there was something for everyone to enjoy! :-)

Backyard Camping

We're testing out our camping gear by camping out in our backyard tonight! The weather is perfect! The kids have talked us into spending the whole night in the know, to make sure it works o.k.

Crafty Christy

Christy has completed sewing/fashion design camp, and she says that it was so much fun! Here she is in one of the outfits she created:

Dinosaur Pit

Here's a cute picture of all six of our kids in the dinosaur pit at the Duluth Children's Museum:

Twins' Third Birthday

We were at the cabin during the twins' third birthday, and we didn't have Internet, so here's a belated picture of Tom & Troy enjoying their birthday cupcakes! I'll post more pictures of our trip later...after I get some rest!


I've decided that I really enjoy mowing my lawn. What other activity gives me so much uninterrupted time to think, pray, and contemplate life (without many little voices derailing my train of thought)? Also, I get to see the immediate, gratifying results of my work, and I know it won't be destroyed in 10 minutes like when I do housework...

Sam's Lost Tooth

Sam lost his first tooth! My little boy is growing up...

Snuggly Troy

It was getting close to naptime, and I was missing a twin. We found him fast asleep in the pack 'n' play downstairs that we use to store stuffed animals. He was snuggled up and so sweet!


Springtime haircuts for Sam & Dan! :-)