Wednesday, October 26, 2011


As a part of "My Father's World" curriculum, the kids were issued passports to record "entries" and "departures" from different countries. We are having fun with our first "trip" to Mexico! We have been reading about the country and culture, listening to music appropriate for that country (even a Mariachi band!), planning art activities, and cooking authentic Mexican meals! So far, we have made burritos with guacamole sauce and chopped tomatillos, quesadilla casserole, and homemade tamales with cornbread! Today we are planning on making homemade tortillas and chicken fajitas! It has been easy to integrate so much cooking into this week, since I didn't schedule our "regular" online school, so that the kids would have more time to spend with their Grandpa who is visiting from Oregon. What a fun week!
Hasta Luego! ;-)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Finally Fall!

My husband and I have a sensitivity to heat. We both start getting uncomfortable when the temperature reaches 80, and the air conditioner is automatically set to kick in if the house ever gets that warm. This season has been disappointing to us, because of the extended periods of warm weather. However, we now have beautiful, crisp, breezy days to enjoy! The weather today is perfect, and we are looking forward to taking all of the kids for a walk to DQ after we get some housework done! My favorite season has finally arrived! :-D