Friday, February 27, 2015

Becca ~ Resident Artist

Have I mentioned that Becca really loves her art class? ;-)

Crafty Christy

Christy is enjoying her sewing classes! Here's her latest crafty creation:

Becca's Artwork

Becca's artwork from class today:

Twins' Preschool

My twins won't be 4 years old until June, but they are ready for preschool! So, we started an "official" preschool program with them this week! Such fun!

Becca's Weaving

Here is Becca's project from today's class. I love her creativity!

Becca's Creative Clay

Becca was playing around with the boys' play dough, and made her own version of "Elsa" from the movie "Frozen".

Sam's Love Letter

Sam showed me this sweet surprise a few minutes ago...a love letter he wrote to every member of his family! It is hard to see in the picture (and even harder to read with all of the hearts interspersed throughout), but here's what he wrote (he even spelled everything correctly!) ~ "I Love you mom and Dad, and Tom, Troy, Dan, Becca, Christy. From Sam" — feeling loved.