Sunday, May 14, 2017

Oregon Family Visit

We spent some time in Oregon visiting Eric's side of the family! It was a lot of fun, and we made some great memories! It went by so quickly, though, and we miss our time with the family. Hopefully, some of them will be able to come out and visit later this year! :-)

Springtime in Minnesota

What a beautiful spring! It's really starting to "wake up" out here! We'll be enjoying more & more time outdoors, and camping season is right around the corner! :-D


When we were in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Eric bought me a new ring to replace my wedding ring I had lost a while back. I love it...six leaves for six children, and a great design!❤

New Chicks

Here's half a batch of chicks we're going to raise...we have 30 total chickens now, 42 if you count the hens in the other building! The kids are happy, and they'll have plenty of character-building activities to keep them busy for a while!

Twin Time

Swim time!

High Desert Museum

Here are more pictures from our day at the High Desert Museum!

High Desert Museum

We had such a fun day at the High Desert Museum! We were given a hands-on "behind the scenes" experience with a porcupine named Tumbleweed, a badger named Clyde, and a Peregrine Falcon. I have more pictures to post, but I'll have to add them in a little later. Our Internet is slow out here, so I might wait until we get back in town.

Second Stop

We stayed in Rapid City, South Dakota last night, drove through Wyoming and most of Montana today, and now we're stopping for the night. We enjoyed some amazing scenery! The kids were being silly, and I caught some of their antics...

First Stop

We couldn't pass through South Dakota without visiting Wall Drug! We got our fix, now back on the Oregon Trail!

Christy & Becca's Performance

Christy and Becca's debut was amazing! What a fantastic theatrical performance! I'm thankful that my girls were given this opportunity to expand their horizons. It was very well done, and a lot of work was involved. Way to go, cast & crew!

Crafty Crafton

It warms my mama heart to see a completed project that brings so much honor and glory to God! Way to go, Becca!

Early Birthday Gift

I usually get my hair cut and colored the first week April, sort of an early birthday gift to myself. This time, however, the color turned out a bit differently than I had planned. I'm not sure if I like it. Oh well, at least I look a bit more ancestors would be pleased.


Happy 40th birthday, Eric!

Party Time!

Christy's "Sweet Sixteen" party was a lot of fun for everyone! Even though the weather was a little cooler than we would have liked, we were still able to have a fire outside, grill hot dogs, enjoy some chili, cornbread, baked potatoes, lots of snacks, ice cream with all the fixin's, cupcakes, and birthday cake! I'm thankful for my fun-loving, hard-working daughter who brings us so much joy!