Sunday, March 29, 2015

Christy's Birthday Party

Here is Christy and her friends from her birthday party! They all had so much fun, and so did we! :-)

Christy is 14!

Christy is 14 today, and we're having a lively Star Wars party to celebrate her special day! All of her friends are here, and there's nothing like a houseful of teenage girls playing games! Happy Birthday to my creative, spirited, and hard working daughter! Party pictures will follow in a day or two.

Christy's Mandalorian Armor

Christy designed and created her own Mandalorian armor for her Star Wars costume party that she is having on Monday for her birthday! She has been working on it for weeks, and it is ready...just in time!

Becca's Artwork

Becca's "Ice Skating Princess" from class today!

St. Patrick's Day

I honored my Irish ancestry today by cooking traditional corned beef, cabbage, and stone-ground whole grain bread for dinner. We also had non-traditional green Jell-O and cupcakes with green frosting for dessert. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Ready for Splashing

My kids are ready to splash around outside!