Thursday, December 26, 2013

Camping Gear

Our big family Christmas gift this year was camping gear for the entire family! The tent was too big to set up in our living room...and I was not able to display everything that we bought. A great big "thank you!" goes to my TX parents who made it possible for us to be outfitted in such a way that we'll be enjoying the great outdoors for years to come! I can hardly wait until Spring!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Getting Ready for Christmas

We're getting ready for Christmas! Everything has arrived, and we're going to have an amazing day tomorrow! A special thanks goes out to our TX parents who made much of this possible!


Meet Lily! She is a Christmas present for the kids, and a welcome addition to our family!

Daniel's Birthday

Today, Daniel "officially" turns 4! Happy Birthday to my gentle soul...who is so caring and compassionate towards his siblings. God has blessed us beyond what I could have imagined!

Birthday Party

We had a combined birthday party for Sam & Dan today, and it was a lot of fun! I would like to say "thank you" to everyone who sent gifts for their birthdays!

Sam is Six!

Sam is six today! Happy Birthday to my funny, thoughtful, loving, and helpful little boy!

Becca's B-day

Our "baby girl" Becca is celebrating her 11th birthday today! We went to Edinborough Park, the Mall of America, and now we're home opening gifts, decorating cupcakes, and just having a small family party. Here is a picture of Becca with one of her favorite gifts..."Bitty Baby" twins from the American Girl shop:

Christmas Tree

My kids helped decorate our "Christmas Corner" downstairs in the family room:

Thanksgiving Craft

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We are counting our blessings today! We cooked & ate some great food, then made this "Thankfulness Tree" with our kids: