Saturday, October 25, 2008

Anniversary Trip

Our trip to Bayfield was fantastic! A few days together enjoying the great outdoors in such a glorious location is so refreshing to the soul! Not only did we get to see some really neat scenery, we were able to pick up a whole bunch (35 lbs.) of fresh apples and apple products! The best part was just soaking it all up at our own pace...with no deadlines, appointments, schedules or demands. Just natural fun the way God intended it to be!

Here is a map of all the fruit and flower orchards in the area. We didn't visit all of them this year, since we are now getting a better idea of which ones are better than others. Hauser's is always a must-see!

This is where we stayed at night to save on lodging fees. (just kidding)!

There were apples growing everywhere!

The harbor was especially enchanting on this partly sunny afternoon!

Perfect color on the Old Iron Bridge!

More beautiful trees!

Hiking through the woods was the highlight of Christy's day!

Sam kept trying to get those yummy looking leaves, but his mittens just wouldn't let him get a good grip.

Rebecca, Becca, Becky...whatever you call her, she is still as sweet as apple pie!

The Old Iron Bridge nestled in Autumn fluff.

A cotton-candy sky! ;-)

Sam was so cute when I was trying to unwrap him from his "baby bunting"!

For those of you who just can't get enough about us and our adventures, here is a slide show set to the tune of "Biscuits and Gravy" by Acoustical Potluck:

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melissa s. said...

looks like an amazing trip. the pics are beautiful! glad you had fun!