Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Resident Artist

Becca's latest artwork...

Refreshing Day

What a day! We enjoyed a picnic lunch with our farm friends down the road, walked the creek in the field behind our house, measured out the space for our future vegetable garden, and ended the day with a lovely fire. We are soaking up the sun and warmth while we can, because winter will return by the end of the week. I thank God for days like this to invigorate my body and soul!

Valentine's Day Gifts

Early morning Valentine's Day gifts from Eric, showing big love for his wife & daughters!

Mid-winter Snowman

Good thing the kids made a snowman yesterday, because today everything is melting. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 40...in mid-January?

Mystery of Moonlight

Becca captures the mystery of moonlight so well! This is one of my favorites.

Seamstress Christy

I was sorting through pictures and realized I had forgotten to post about Christy's Christmas dress. She sewed it herself, and wore it to church on Christmas day. She continues to amaze me!

Becca's Gift

Becca painted my favorite flower, and gave it to me for Christmas! I love it!

Favorite Christmas Gift

The favorite Christmas gift this year! I foresee many, many hours of kitchen fun with all the kids! And Christy's homemade bagels are the best!!