Friday, March 25, 2016

Early Spring

We've been loving this marvelous March weather!

Field Trip to the Zoo

What better way to beat the sub-zero temps than a trip to the Minnesota Zoo?! The "Tropics Trail" was especially therapeutic.

Birthday Girl

Skating with the birthday girl!

Reptile Zoo

We're exploring the world of reptiles and amphibians at the RAD Zoo today!

Christy is 15!

Happy 15th birthday to my creative, energetic, and resourceful daughter! Here she is with her new "toy" to help finish up projects. We have a family party planned for today, and a roller skating party planned for Friday with all of her friends. Fun days!

Becca's First "Selfie"

Becca really likes her new haircut! This is her first official "selfie".

Becca's Haircut

Becca's new haircut...the "layered" look.

Big Kitties

Our kitties are getting so big! This is their favorite window in the "Cat Palace" behind our house.

Becca's Art

My sweet Becca's artwork from class it!

Clearing Snow

I'm thankful for my hard-working hubby! He was up all night, but he still does what it takes to take care of us!

Longer Days

The days are getting longer!

Snow Fun

We all spent the morning outside, and it was so much fun! Eric & I tried snowshoeing for the first time in the woods west of our house. What a way to stay in shape!

Frozen Fog

On the other side of our house, we have "frozen fog" trees. Their beauty fills me with a sense of peace.

New Mercies

Fog was rolling in over the hills this morning, and it was really pretty. I'm praising God for new mercies today! It's going to be a great week!

Frosty Morning

What a frosty morning! Winter has finally decided to stay, and we're all thrilled!

Christmas Pic

Merry Christmas from the Crafton family! We had already opened some presents, and then decided we should probably get a picture. Have a wonderful day celebrating Jesus' birth with your family!