Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Becca's Birthday Bash!

Last night, we took Becca and the rest of the family to Chuck E. Cheese for a little birthday celebration! We all had a good time, and made it home right before the "blizzard" hit! Today, we are cozily stuck at home while the wind and snow swirl around outside. Thankfully, Eric has today off from work, so we are enjoying some "down time" with all of the kids as we continue to celebrate Becca's birthday. Plans for today include: French Toast for breakfast (check), open birthday gifts (check), lounge around in pajamas watching new movies that were just opened (check), not having to do school (check), making and decorating cupcakes for after lunch (pending), and doing whatever other activities the birthday girl might request (within reason). If only all days could be this much fun! ;-)

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