Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Snow

It snowed a little bit last night and this morning! Not only is this the first snow of the season, but it is also the first snow that Sam can really play in and enjoy! He probably doesn't remember the snow from earlier this year when he was only about 15 or 16 months old. The snow mostly collected on our deck, so I let the kids play in it for a little while. We haven't even put away our grill yet, so it is in some of the pictures. It seems like winter is already pouncing on us...are we ready?

Sam kept saying over and over again: "It's snow! It's snow!"

Here are the girls, all bundled up!

Christy attempted to make a "Snow Angel" in the 1/2" of snow on the deck! ;-)

Becca took her turn at making another Snow Angel!

Sam thought that it looked like his sisters were having fun, so he gave it a try!

As you can see, the grass is still green, and the snow looks out of place!

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