Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let it Snow!

Well, here it is...the first "real" snow of the season! It is still coming down, and WeatherBug is predicting 4-7" of the fun stuff. The kids are so excited, and they are looking forward to making snow angels, snowmen, forts, etc. I'm looking forward to all of the good old-fashioned exercise they will get playing out there, sloshing through the snow and burning up some of that little kid energy! I only let them play on the deck unless Eric goes out with them, then they have almost an acre of yard to play in, since our neighbor sold and moved his house out. We are almost all by ourselves out here! ;-)

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Gramma Becky said...

Looks like they are having lots of fun. Thanks so much for sharing! Give them Gramma and Granpa hugs for us!