Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Birthday Pout

Today, Becca officially turned six years old! But we have told her that she can't open ALL of her presents yet. She still has a friend party and a family party to go to where she will open most of her gifts. Here is what she looked like when we told her the discouraging news:

She did cheer up, however, after she found out what a few of her presents were! Also, today we made the day special and let her wear her pajamas all day, let her eat some special treats that she doesn't usually get, and we kept school "light" instead of our usual schedule. She got to watch the new movie that her Aunt Allie bought for her, and she had plenty of time to play with the few gifts that we did let her open. It's hard to save the really good gifts, but we still have Christmas coming up!

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melissa s. said...

happy birthday, becca! may your year be filled with happiness and many a pajama day!!! (my FAVORITE kind of day!)