Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthday Eights

Today, Christy turned eight years old! Even though we aren't having the party until next week, we still had a fun day celebrating at home! I cooked all of her favorite meals (for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner), and she opened a few of her gifts. She loved everything that she got, and she had plenty of time today to enjoy her new "toys".

The highlight of the day was when we all worked together to make the birthday cake! Christy drew up the plans for the design (literally, on a piece of paper), Becca mixed the batter, and I put the cake into the oven. After icing it with white icing, I attempted to follow her design as accurately as possible. If you look carefully, you'll notice a definite theme (eights everywhere!). And, for those of you who might think otherwise, those tadpole looking things on the sides are actually supposed to be balloons!

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melissa s. said...

happy birthday christy! I'm guessing sam's job was licking the frosting? :)