Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MN Zoo Field Trip

The weather is warming up in MN, and Spring is actually in the air (although, it's not completely on the ground yet since there are still a few snow piles). But, with such nice weather, we couldn't pass up a trip to the Zoo to see the new farm babies. We were able to see a few baby sheep, some little chicks, and five baby pigs. The girls and Samuel also got to feed the baby goats--at least when they could sneak a tasty morsel past the bigger goats!! Here are a few pictures while at the Zoo. Sorry, none are of the babies, since we were usually too preoccupied when they were around!

This picture was taken just outside the pig pen...now that's a big Momma pig!

Here are the girls playing around in the chicken coup!

Inside the Bear Cave... why is Becca scared??

Oh! That's why. Nice Grizzly... Nice boy...

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