Monday, May 25, 2009

Ice Cold Water on a Hot Day

Well, it finally showed signs of Summer last week when it got up to 90 degrees. The kids were hot so we broke out Sam's "Elmo Toddler Water Park". They certainly had A LOT of FUN, but we all soon found out that though the temperature above ground was over 90, the below ground water still thought it was winter, because it was ~~FREEZING~~. Sam was even shivering when we took him inside. All in all, the Elmo mat had a few minor flaws but was still a good 5 bucks worth for me and the whole family.

As you can see, the COLD water caught Sam a little off-guard

Becca jumping into her "imaginary" pool

Christy warming up in the sunshine

Sam going back for round 2... or was it round 5

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Anonymous said...

Bah, I am jealous! I am in England and we probably wouldn't get to 90 degrees if we add up the combined temperatures of everyday this summer! :P