Thursday, February 25, 2010

Samuel and Daniel

Once a year, our church hosts the "Annual Baby Day Parade"! It is a special (indoor) parade of all the young ones who stay in the nursery during services. This year, we have two of our children in the parade - Samuel and Daniel! Daniel is actually the youngest baby of the parade (as was Becca in 2002), so he gets a special honor from the Pastor. The theme this year is "Your Favorite Bible Character", so we decided that Samuel will dress up as...Samuel! And Daniel will dress up as...Daniel! ;-) We are even putting together a little "Daniel in the Lions' Den" float for our baby boy. Here are some pictures of Samuel in his outfit for the parade. We'll post some of Daniel later when we are done with his float.

Samuel enjoys "reading" his little Bible Storybook.

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