Friday, December 24, 2010

Two "Peas" in a Pod

The Twins at almost 12 weeks:

Well, this is the first post about the twins, so I will give a little background for posterity's sake! ;-) A couple of months ago was our 12-year anniversary, and even though I had been charting my cycles to avoid "risky" times, we were not careful enough and I found out a few weeks later that I was unexpectedly expecting! According to my O.B. I was measuring fairly large for the dates I gave her, so she sent me in for an ultrasound, and we discovered that there were two babies! The ultrasound doctor said that he could tell that they were "monochorionic"...identical twins! This was a big shock, but obviously God was at work in the situation! Even though I am still on my epilepsy medication, my doctors have reassured me that the newer medications are much safer during pregnancy than the older ones. My O.B. has delivered 3 babies whose mothers were all on the same medication that I am on, and all the babies have been perfectly healthy! Also, I've had two ultrasounds, and everything looks great! We were a little concerned because the first ultrasound didn't show a membrane separating the babies, but the second ultrasound showed that it was there. So, the babies will be "protected" from getting tangled up in each other's umbilical cords by the membrane. This took me from a "high risk" to a "medium risk" category for my pregnancy. We have decided that, after this delivery, we are permanently done...I am making sure of that before I leave the hospital! Eric originally wanted six kids, and that's what we'll have!:-) Well, there is the summary of our newest news! We appreciate all prayers and thoughts sent our way!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats, I will have 2 new great nieces or nephews to spoil.....Love you guys,,,,,
Uncle Todd