Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fun Surprises at our New Place

We are discovering something new and wonderful at our new home every day! Now that everything is starting to bloom, we realize that we have some lilacs and another flowering tree in our backyard! They are beautiful, and smell great! We also found a garter snake who likes to hang out by our air conditioner, and we've decided to let him make his home there. Some red-headed finches made a nest above our downstairs light, and two baby birds have been making lots of noise for us! ;-) Also, I was up late at night (thanks to the twins putting pressure on a very vital organ), and happened to look out our window to see a fox sneaking stealthily through our backyard. There are plenty of little critters around here for him to stalk! What fun it is to learn about our new environment, and all that God has blessed us with!

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Anonymous said...

What? No Lions, Tigers or Bears, Oh my......
Luv you, T-N-T