Monday, March 12, 2012

Garden Girls

Christy and Becca have big plans for their gardens this year! They have been reading books about gardening, and wrote down their plans for what they would like to grown and where they would like to grow it. We have 4 garden plots this plenty of room for the different vegetables, herbs, and flowers that they plan on growing! We are also looking forward to adding the fresh produce to our recipes, and learning to cook in new ways to accommodate the variety!

The girls would like to get out there today and start digging and planting, but we all know that the threat of another frost has not yet passed. Instead, we will start many of the plants indoors (we bought a mini-greenhouse container), and transplant them when the time is right.

It is going to be a fun spring and summer! Even though we homeschool year-round, the girls will have enough of their online classes completed by June that they will have a much lighter load to handle through the summer. However, we do plan on taking the entire month of August off so that the kids can be kids, and mom can plan for the next school year! ;-)

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Julie said...

Good luck with your gardening. We tried it a few years, but didn't have real great results for the amount of effort it took. Something we learned is don't start your inside garden too early. One year we started it too early and they grew great indoors, but they didn't do well when we transplanted them. I didnt' really look at what you are growing, but tomatoes work better if you start as plants. Have a good growing season.