Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sweet Blessings

A friend of mine from church lives next to a farm, and they give her their leftover berries every season. I guess she gets more than she can use, so she asked if I wanted some! Of course, I said "yes", and then ended up with 17 POUNDS of strawberries! What a blessing! They were in danger of quickly becoming overly ripe, so I had to come up with an immediate plan of action. After the kids had eaten their fill, I hulled, chopped, and prepared the rest to be freezer-packed. Hubby made some yummy smoothies, and we're planning on more of those in the future! I also baked two loaves of strawberry bread, and it is so scrumptious! I use Eagle Mills Ultragrain flour, to pack an additional nutritional punch. Healthy kids are happy kids! ;-)

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