Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hidden Bluffs Campground

We wanted to give our kids one last week of summer fun, so we took a trip to Hidden Bluffs Campground in the beautiful bluff country of Minnesota, near Lanesboro. We went fishing, hiking, swimming, creek-splashing, crawdad-catching, mini-golfing, and bluff-climbing! We cooked over a campfire, sang songs, and enjoyed God's creation together. It was an incredible trip! Here is Eric with all of our kids on a giant wooden swing at the campground:
Each of our kids enjoyed the creek in their own ways...some liked wading around, some enjoyed the peaceful scenery, some caught crawdads, some wanted to fish, and others just wanted to splash and get wet!
However, most of them agreed that catching crawdads was their favorite activity at the creek!
Sam really enjoyed wading around and finding cool rocks!
Tom & Troy wanted to be like their older siblings, so we bought them a "little kid" fishing pole to share...
Enjoying the great outdoors with the whole family together is what it's all about!
There were many beautiful trails to hike, and we were impressed with how well everyone kept up (and without whining!)
We all climbed a bluff, and there was an overlook area with a pretty neat view:
At the end of the day, the best part was cooking over a campfire! Eric even made some sticks for the boys to roast their own marshmallows! All in all, it was a great trip to reconnect with God, each other, and nature. We're hoping to go back to Hidden Bluffs one more time this year, to enjoy the autumn colors. It will be breathtaking!

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