Monday, September 15, 2008

Renaissance Festival

This weekend we traveled to a land far, far away (Shakopee, MN), to visit Kings, Queens, Princesses, Princes, Knights, Jesters, and a vast array of other characters. We listened to minstrels play, and tasted some of the local fare. We heard many "thees" and "thous", and even had tea with a royal entourage! Despite dark clouds, torrential downpours and a plague of gnats, we had a great time at the Renaissance Festival!

This would have been a great family picture, if only Sam would have looked at the camera!

Doesn't Sam make an adorable little "arrow" in Eric's "quiver"?

This is The Castle entrance. Our girls are the little kids in brown.

Eric taking a break with the kids in the "Secret Garden"

Becca was captivated by "Jamison the Juggler"!

The girls enjoyed making a craft in the kid's craft area.

Christy is a pretty little peasant, isn't she?

Here is Becca looking sooo cute at the entrance of the kid's craft area.

This was what the girls looked like before we put their coats on.

If you have a fast Internet connection, this is a slide show of our experience at the Renaissance Festival:

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MamaBlogger said...

that looks so fun. how cool that you guys dressed up!!