Thursday, June 16, 2011

36 Weeks!

Due to popular demand, I have decided to share a picture of myself 36 weeks pregnant with the twin boys! Eric said that the skirt and shirt really didn't show my size as well as some of my other outfits, so you can only imagine what that means! Notice the fashionable hospital bracelet on my wrist that I received this evening after having my blood work done...I think it goes well with the outfit! Also notice the empty decoration cabinet next to me...a testimony to my inability to get much unpacking done over the last few weeks. Oh well, at least the babies didn't come too early due to me over-achieving! ;-) Now I have to figure out how to get a good night's sleep even though I am a little anxious about tomorrow. This is my first c-section, so I'm apprehensive. I am hoping and praying that everything works out, and that both babies are born healthy and able to come home with me when I'm discharged from the hospital! Please pray with us!

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Anonymous said...

You look wonderful and a proud mom of twin boys. Karma and I will be praying for you and the twins. Love you.