Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Snuggle Buggles

The twins are making excellent progress! They are breathing freely on their own (the tubes in their noses are actually for feedings), and they are learning to nurse and getting better at every attempt! If they can continue to transition from tube to oral feedings, gain weight, and maintain their body temperatures, then they can go home! I haven't received a definite time line of when all this will happen...it is up to the twins and how fast they want to go.

We had an interesting day today, since the weather gave us a scare and a tornado warning was issued for our area. All babies were moved to a safer location in the hospital, and the twins were able to be in the same bassinet for the first time! I took a picture, since they were just too cute! I thank God every day for my
TnT Dynamite Duo! ;-)

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